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Previous versions (a.k.a. Live Chat 2) were using Google Firebaseopen in new window. But:

  • Firebase didn't work in China. So your clients in China won’t be able to connect you through chat. But in new platform, you can talk anyone in the world
  • It was hard to change basic things from your chat console (even your email address) because Firebase requires a secure server connection which is impossible to do it with simple PHP or WordPress server setup
  • Hard to implement advanced features to chat console. But, you will be able to show up chat box even on HTML pages in new platform (including bunch of new features)

Now all chat transmissions, file uploads and user authentications are hosted on screets Cloud. You can talk all around the world. We can add new features without you update anything.

Thanks to GDPR law, your data must be safe in our servers and you have full control over it. You can edit and delete all your data, or fully forgettable (when requested).

screets Cloud works with Linode, LLC (American cloud hosting company). Check security notes at Linode Securityopen in new window

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