Create departments for your different parts of your company (i.e. Sales, Support, etc.) and let visitors to choose the right team before initiating the chat.

Create department

Once you create a department, it will be available to all operators to join.

  • Go to your chat consoleopen in new window
  • On the left-hand side, click "Settings" icon
  • Go to "Departments"
  • Click "Add department"
  • Enter department name (i.e. Sales)
  • Click "okay" icon or just press Enter key

Join department

To join a department and start getting notified about department related notifications:

When you join a department, you will start:

  • Seeing related chats in your inbox
  • Getting notified about related chats and messages

Leave from department

If you don't want to be notified about department notifications nor see related chats and data in your inbox:

Enable departments on chat widget

To let visitors to choose which department they want to talk, you can enable it from widget settings.

  • Go to your chat consoleopen in new window
  • On the left-hand side, click "Settings" icon
  • Go to "Widget"
  • Check "Show departments" field under "Display options"
  • Click "Save"

If there are any available departments (more than one), chat widget will start asking visitors to choose one of them before initiating chat.


If a visitor selects a department (lets say "Support"), only operators who are in Support department are notified and the conversation will be listed in their inbox.

If no department is selected by visitor, conversation appears in all operators' inbox.


Operators can share a conversation link with other departments and both can see and reply. For instance, if John in Sale department shares link with Anna in Support department, Anna can open conversation and reply even though the conversation isn't listed Anna's inbox.

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