Add Chat to your website

Add screets Chat widget on different platforms. Currently supported only HTML, PHP and WordPress.


If you've a website with multiple pages where each one triggers a new page refresh, then you'll most likely need the basic JavaScript method.

Before you begin

Ensure you've created your first application on screets Cloud.
See installationopen in new window.

To get chat widget on your website, simply copy and paste the snippet below before the </body> tag on every page where you want the chat widget to appear for website visitors.

 window.screetsxi = {
   appid: "APP_ID",
 (function(){var w = window;var i = function() { i.c( arguments ); };i.q = []; i.c = function( args ) { i.q.push(args); };w.scxi = i;w.addEventListener( "load", function() {var b = document.createElement("script");b.src = ''+w.screetsxi.appid;b.async = !0;document.head.appendChild(b);}, !1 );})();


You can find APP_ID on "Installation" settings page in your chat console.


Installing the Chat on your WordPress is simple.

You'll want to:

  • First, go to Downloads pageopen in new window (Envato)
  • Find the screets Chat item and click Download > "Installable WordPress file only"
  • Now go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload page
  • Upload the zip file you've just downloaded
  • Click "Activate"

Connect your WordPress

Because Chat comes with an embedded chat console inside of your WordPress admin panel, you need additional security layer.

  • Go to Settings > Chat
  • Click "Connect" button
  • You'll be redirected to the confirm page about your WordPress admin:
  • Click "Confirm" if it's your WordPress admin URL
  • Now you can sign in with one of providers (i.e. Envato, Google). If you don't have an account, you'll be asked to create one:
  • If you don't have an account or any application yet, you'll be asked to "Create first app". This page will also create an account on screets (see Installationopen in new window page for details):
  • Click "Create first app" to complete setup. If you click "Cancel", none of your data will be saved onto screets server and you'll be forgotten immediately
  • If everything is OK, you should be redirected back to your WordPress Chat settings page and see "Connected" notification:
  • That's all 👍 Now you can go to chat console by clicking "Chat" menu item on your admin menu.
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