Invite users to your app

You can have multiple teammates manage your application without giving them access to your screets Account. Inviting someone to manage your application:

  • is safer than sharing your password
  • lets you give only the amount of access they need

Add user

Remove user or invitation

  • Go to your chat consoleopen in new window
  • On the left-hand side, click "Settings" icon
  • Go to "Users"
  • Find the user you'd like to remove and click the "x" icon

Admin roles

  1. Owner: User who creates and owns the application. Can do anything.

  2. Administrator: Can edit and remove others, edit everything. Can't delete channel.

  3. Editor: Manage inbox, clients and some basic settings.

  4. Operator: Manage inbox. Can't edit anything.

Manage inboxYesYesYes
Invite usersYesYes-
Delete usersYesYes-
Widget settingsYesYes-
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